Why detail your engine?

When it comes to cleaning your engine bay, it’s important to take care and to use the correct products in the correct way. to protect your engine bay. If you have plenty of debris, grease and oil marks, then this package is for you.


What’s included in this service

  • We cover up anything where contact with water is to be avoided i.e. Plastic and wired wrapped in tape for protection
  • Special degreaser applied to engine bay to remove stubborn grease and dirt
  • A detailing brush used to agitate certain areas in order to cut through the grease and grime
  • Engine dryed using a professional heat blower
  • Chrome polished, where applicable and plastics dressed using a water-based dressing.
  • Ceramic coating applied where required, at an additional cost


Time Taken

1 - 2 Hours


  • Small / Medium vehicle: £40
  • Large vehicle: £50
  • Extra Large vehicle: £60

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