Why do a detail of your interior?

Having your interior regularly detailed by professionals will protect the interior of the vehicle and keeps it looking newer for longer.
Without proper maintenance, seats, consoles, and other features can wear down almost as quickly as other vital parts of the vehicle, decreasing the overall vehicle value.
Other benefits include, prevention of wear and tear,  upholstery protection and odour elimination. We recommend you interior is regularly valeted.


What’s included in this service

  • Interior vacuum, dust and wipe
  • Hair removal using a professional hair removal brush
  • Door seals, shuts, rubbers and dash cleaned and dressed
  • Glass, mirrors polished
  • Seats, carpets, mats cleaned using interior Shampoo and a water extraction machine. Steam cleaning may be required to remove tougher stains. Seats removed where necessary
  • Leather clean and cream applied, if required
  • Steam cleaning process throughout entire interior
  • Interior hand polish of all plastic trimmings
  • Treatment and protection applied to all plastics 


Time Taken

1 - 2 Hours


  • Small / Medium vehicle: £70
  • Large vehicle: £90
  • Extra Large vehicle: £110

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