Why have a soft top clean and protection?

If your soft top is looking dull and full of contaminants, then this is your package. The fabric gets contaminated by bird droppings, tree sap and tar. Your soft top fabric cannot withstand extreme weather conditions without the proper protection. 


What’s included in this service

  • 2 Stage scrubbing process using PH-nuteral products 
  • Removal of contaminated elements i.e. Bird droppings, tree sap & stains, moss & mould.
  • Soft top steam cleaned 
  • Application of fabric protection and sealant
  • Repeat the process is if necessary (NOTE - This will be at an extra charge)

NOTE - Cars are required to be kept overnight in our secure unit in order for the fabric to dry back and for the sealant to cure.

Time Taken

1 - 2 days 


  • Small / Medium vehicle: £120
  • Large vehicle: £130
  • Extra Large vehicle: £140

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