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Whether your car has pristinely arrived from the factory or is a seasoned machine with years of driving under its belt, there will be interior and exterior markings. From sanding marks and rotary trail edges to hedge rash, scratches and marring caused by improper washing techniques, there is always something to improve on.

Cotswold Valet draw upon decades of combined experienced to provide a thorough car detailing service in Gloucestershire and the wider Cotswolds, taking cars of any age or condition to new heights of perfection.




 A car with snow foam on it

Single Day Enhancement – A new lease on life

Best suited to newer cars or those looking for a comprehensive enhancement detail for a reasonable price, this package brings out the maximum aesthetic potential in your car.

This service commences with a thorough wash and police to create a starting point for paintwork, including:

  • Cleaning alloys and arches
  • A citrus pre-wash of the exterior
  • Dirt-removing snow foam
  • Contact wash
  • Detail cleaning with a soft brush
  • Tar removal
  • Claying
  • Drying

Once your vehicle is ready, we will use the most appropriate combination of pad and compound to restore your paintwork and polish the body before applying a 12-month coating. This can be optionally upgraded to a 2-3 or 5-year coating for an additional cost.

Prices from £450 

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Multi Day Enhancement 
An absolute top-to-bottom correction

The aim for this more extensive package is to hit our benchmark of 95% correction for every panel. Your vehicle will be painstakingly polished over a two-day period, striving for mirror-like perfection and addressing even the most stubborn defects.

A more aggressive cutting stage then allows us to remove heavier defects, before finally refining the paint for a perfect finish.

Prices from £900

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Additional detailing Services

Each package can be combined with a number of add-on service according to you and your vehicle's needs, including:

  • Wheel coatings
  • Glass coatings
  • Fabric coatings (Soft top and interior)

  • Alloy refurbishment (Outsourced to a trusted partner)
  • Leather coatings
  • Metal coatings and polishing

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