Why have a full Valet?

If you are either wanting an interior and exterior deep clean with a protection applied, or planning on selling your vehicle and want your car looking its best to optimise your sale value, then this is the perfect package for you. 


What’s included in this service

*Car valeted to showroom condition

  • Interior vacuum, dust and wipe
  • Thorough removal of pet hair 
  • Door seals, shuts, rubbers and dash cleaned deep cleaned & steamed 
  • Glass, mirrors and cleaned
  • Seats, carpets, mats wet vacuumed and steam cleaned to remove all stains and smells
  • Leather steamed & scrubbed with leather revive applied for protection & rejuvenation.
  • Chemical decontamination using tar, and fallout remover on all paintwork & wheels.
  • Two-bucket car wash method with a non-acidic cleanser and Ph-neutral snow foam treatment
  • Glass staining removed and glass polish applied
  • Wax / Ceramic wax applied to protect paintwork. 
  • Engine bay cleaned & de-greased including the application of dressing. 


Time Taken

6 - 8 Hours


Standard rate for all cars is £25 p/h.

*Please note that SUVs, 4x4 and cars that are deeply soiled, including pet hair usually take longer to deep clean.

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