Why have a Maintenance Valet?

If you have recently had a stage 1 or  stage 2 detailing package by us and you want to maintain the polished appearance and value of your vehicle, then the maintenance valet is perfect for you.  The maintenance valet is best performed on a bi-monthly and /o r monthly basis.


What’s included in this service

  • Interior vacuum, dust and wiped
  • Hair removal using a professional hair removal brush
  • Door seals, shuts, rubbers and dash cleaned and dressed
  • Dash and plastic polish
  • Glass, mirrors cleaned and polished
  • Ph-neutral snow foam treatment applied and a two-bucket car wash method with a non-acidic cleanser  
  • Wheels & arches cleaned using non-acidic cleaner and dressed
  • Paint protection applied
  • Air freshener applied based on customers preference


Time Taken

3 - 4 Hours


  • Small / Medium vehicles: £60
  • Large vehicles: £70
  • Extra Large vehicles: £80

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