Why do a mini valet?

If either your budget is limited, or your vehicle is not too dirty and needs a light clean at a professional standard, using quality products, then this is the ideal service for you.


What’s included in this service

*Mini Valets DO NOT include:

  • stain removal on carpets & upholstry
  • Steam cleaning
  • Engine bay clean
  • Paint protection
  • Tar & Iron removal

Mini Valets DO include:

  • Thorough interior vacuum, dust and wipe
  • Door seals, shuts, rubbers cleaned
  • Glass, mirrors cleaned
  • Pre-wash applied with snowfoam to remove dirt & grime 
  • Two-bucket car wash method with a non-acidic cleanser
  • Quick detailer applied for gloss enhancement
  • Wheels & arches cleaned using non-acidic cleaner and dressed
  • Air freshener applied based on customers preference


Time Taken

3 - 4 Hours


Standard rate of £25 per hour for all cars.

*Please note that SUV's and 4x4 do tend to take longer.