Applying wax to your vehicle is the perfect way to protect it against the long-term deterioration of paintwork, it makes it easier to clean and prevents scratches, 
the kind of damage that reduces your car's value. Wax will add a layer of protection for your car protecting the clearcoat and paint. We use a Carnauba wax of choice,
which is a superb, high quality all-rounder. Perfect for adding great gloss whilst also providing great durability with ease.


What’s included in this service

  • Full interior and exterior valet (See full Valet package for details)
  • Paintwork coated with Carnauba wax
  • Wheels sealed (face and inner barrel) with wheel sealant and wheel wax applied
  • Callipers cleaned and sealed, where appropriate
  • All exterior trim treated
  • Glass coated with gloss and shine
  • Interior surfaces dressed with satin finish plastic dressing
  • Fabric seats and carpets coated to repel staining and spilt liquids and if applicable, leather treated to reduce surface staining and dye transfer


Time Taken

3 - 4 Hours


  • Small / Medium vehicle: £150
  • Large vehicle: £170
  • Extra Large vehicle: £190

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