Basic Wash 

This wash is for you, if you want a quick in-and-out

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Mini Valet

This valet is for you, if your car is lightly soiled and requires a basic valet.

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Full Valet

This valet is for you, if you require either a deep interior and exterior clean and/or you are selling your vehicle.

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Maintenance Valet

This valet is for you, if you require a refresh. This is only available if you have previously had one of our detailing services.

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Wax Protection Package

If your car has not had a protection wax applied before, or you want to refresh your protection from the harsh UK weather, then this package is for you.

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Paint Correction Packages

If your vehicle has swirl marks, light scratches, orange peel, other paint defects and your paint is looking dull, this is the package for you ,which comes in 2 stages.

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Ceramic Coating Packages

If you wish to provide maximum protection to your interior and/or exterior thus protecting your vehicle for up to 5 years, guaranteed, then a ceramic coating package is for you. We have various packages available in this package.

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Engine Bay Detail

This service is for you, if your engine bay contains debris, is heavily greased, and oil marks and would like to restore it to pristine looking condition. 

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Interior Detail 

This service is for you, if you are wanting only your interior deep cleaned and polished due to heavy pet hair, heavy spills and stains.

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Soft Top Restoration 

This service is for you, if you own a convertible and the soft top is dull and requires restoring and a protection to look immaculate.

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DISCLAIMER - Please note that all prices are based on lightly soiled vehicles. If your vehicle is extremely dirty, this will require extra time and product used and therefore, will affect standard prices. Only once the vehicle has been appropriately assessed, can we provide a more reflective price.