Paint Correction Packages

If you have swirl marks, oxidation and dull and murky paintwork, bird dropping etchings and random light to deep scratches that are caused by poor washing methods and you want to restore the paintwork to make your vehicle look almost brand new like it did when you first drove it out of the shop. Then a paint correction package is for you. We also clean and recondition the interior and exterior of your vehicle as part of this package.


Stage 2 Machine Polish

Suitable for cars that have medium / moderate swirls. Stage 2 involves removing all defects where safely possible without compromising the paints top coat, to achieve up to 90-95% ...  more  

Stage 1 Machine Polish

Suitable for cars that have light/ minor swirls. Mostly the case for newer cars. Stage 1 is to remove light defects with a chosen combination of cutting pads and compounds to achie...  more